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Game-Fish for Stocking

Game-Fish for Stocking

Live Game-Fish for Pond and Lake Stocking

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Live Fish are available to our Michigan Customers Only

Hybrid Sunfish (Bluegill)                                    Largemouth Bass

2 - 4"                    $0.90                                    4 - 6"                    $1.85

3 - 5"                    $1.35                                    5 - 7"                    $2.50

5 - 7"                    $2.50                                  Yellow Perch

Channel Catfish                                               3 - 5"                      $1.25

4- 6"                    $0.75                                         5 - 7"                       $1.50

6 - 8"                    $0.95

 Fathead Minnows

About 300 per lb.             $6.50 per lb.

Black Crappie          4-6"        $2.40 (Fall only, Special order-Deposit required)
Walleye                     4-6"        $2.50 (Fall only, Special order-Deposit required)
Smallmouth Bass      3-5"    $    (Fall only, Special order-Deposit required)

For Fall Fish Stocking -
Call us toll free @ (877) 389-2514 for details. 

Prices do not include delivery. 

Fish delivery is available via Live-Haul Truck.

ROUTE DELIVERY pricing is available at a considerable discount for all of Michigan. To See Route Delivery Pricing, click on the icon towards the bottom of this page.

CUSTOM DELIVERY is available, subject to scheduling- $85 minimum CUSTOM DELIVERY charge, custom delivery is priced per delivery mile.

CUSTOMER PICKUPS are by appointment only (Monday Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-Noon).  Oxygen Bags are available for $1.65 each. 

COMPLIMENTARY "LOANER" live-hauling systems are available, call for scheduling.

FISH DAY EVENTS provide convenient pick-ups for small orders, please see our "Fish Day Events" page.

Fish Sizes, prices and availability are subject to change without notice. 

Stocking of Michigan Public Waters will require a permit from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and is the responsibility of the customer.  Some Private Ponds with a permanent inflow or outflow also require a permit.  Determination of the necessity of a permit and obtaining a permit are the responsibility of the customer. Click here to download the Permit application from the MDNR  You will need Adobe Reader to open the application.   Click here to download Adobe Reader for free (if you don't already have it)

Hybrid Sunfish (Bluegill)Hybrid Sunfish (Bluegill)Hybrid Sunfish, often called Hybrid Bluegill, ae a cross between a female Green Sunfish and a male Bluegill. This cross results in a very high percentage of male fish, reducing the reproductive potential of the population. This results in greater growth rates and reduces the opportunity for over-population. These fish are strong feeders, so a robust forage base is necessary. Hybrid Sunfish are generally stocked at a rate of 500 per surface acre.

We recommend stocking some Largemouth Bass along with your Hybrid Sunfish to control any future reproduction and avoid over-population and stunting.

Largemouth BassLargemouth BassLargemouth Bass are one of the most sought after of gamefish. Largemouth are also well suited to most ponds and lakes in the Great Lakes region. Largemouth are tremendous predators and require large amounts of forage to thrive, therefore they are often used to control bluegill populations. We generally recommend 100 bass per surface acre in ponds with regular bluegill and 75 per acre in Hybrid Sunfish ponds. Largemouth will reproduce in most ponds but require other predators (like bluegill) to regulate the basss population properly and avoid overpopulation and stunting. Stocking fathead minnows also provides an excellent forage base for bass.

Channel CatfishChannel CatfishChannel Catfish are omnivores that can add some variety to your pond. Prized as a sport fish and table fare in many areas of the country, the channel cat can be a welcome addition to your pond. Because they tend to stir up the bottom of the pond, we recommend stocking 50-100 per surface acre to maintain water clarity. If your goal is a catfish pond, stock fertile water with up to 200 per surface acre. Please note that channel catfish DO NOT "clean up" pond bottoms. Their feeding habits lead them to stir around in bottom sediments, but they do not clean the bottom.

Yellow PerchYellow PerchYellow Perch are a popular choice for lakes and ponds because of their outstanding table performance. Care must be taken when stocking perch as they tend to over-populate and stunt easily. They are best suitedt to large lakes with predators like walleye or to "perch ponds" that are managed fairly intensively to maintain a healthy population level. Generally stocking 100-200 per surface acre is acceptable. Yellow perch are active predators, so stocking fathead minnows with perch is recommended.

Fathead MinnowsFathead MinnowsFathead Minnows are an economical forage species to add to almost any pond or lake. These small forage fish spawn prolifically, ususally reproducing several times during the summer if conditions are right. Placing any type of woody structure in shallow water will improve their spawning success. Generally stocking 24-40 pounds per surface acre will establish a population, stock up to 100 pounds per acre if you have a large number of bass, or other established predator population.

Route Delivery PricingRoute Delivery PricingClick on the table icon to enlarge our route delivery pricing table. Pricing is determined from distance from Harrietta Hills to your location and total dollar value of fish order.

Live Fish are available to our Michigan Customers Only

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Game-Fish for Stocking