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EasyPro Concentrated Liquid Pond Dye
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This quart size liquid is available in three different colors. Serenity dye is a mix of blue and black. Blue dye creates a more natural blue coloration. Black dye creates a more reflective surface appearance. Water dyes reduce the amount of light available for aquatic plant growth.

Application is easy, simply pour pond dye into your water and allow the wind and wave action to mix in the dye. One quart treats one acre of water 4 feet deep. EasyPro Concentrated Liquid Dye is not USEPA registered and can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

This is a nontoxic and harmless water dye for use in lakes and ponds. Water can be used for swimming and irrigation once the dye is dispersed into the body of water.

Make initial application of pond dye in early Spring for best results. Re-apply throughout summer to maintain dark coloration as necessary.

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EasyPro Concentrated Liquid Pond Dye